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Delorean Date Night: Andrew Garfield/Shannon Woodw
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shannon & andrew
d e l o r e a n d a t e n i g h t.

WELCOME to Delorean Date Night, the first community on LiveJournal for fans and "shippers" of Andrew Garfield/Shannon Woodward! Together or separately, we support (and fangirl) the acting careers of Andrew and Shannon... we can't wait to see Andrew in The Social Network (10/15/10), Never Let Me Go (2010), and as Spider-Man; and Shannon in Girlfriend (2010) and Raising Hope!

w e h a v e t h e m

001No bashing. Obviously, no bashing of Shannon or Andrew - this should go without saying. We won't tolerate any bashing of any members of this or any other Brit Pack community, or any of Shannon or Andrew's friends, family, or co-stars. In this community you will show some respect.

002 ☂ WE ARE NOT SRS BSNS! Donut bring your srs bsns here! We are simply appreciative of the level of adorableness that is Shanndrew!

003 ☂ Sharing is caring, but be sure to credit and/or link to your sources when making a post. When making a post with anything you've found on another LJ comm, please credit that comm in your entry. The inverse is also applicable; if you post something you find here somewhere else, please credit.

004 ☂ Keep your posts on topic. This isn't your personal journal, okay? Random posts will be allowed, but only if you can find a way to make it about Shannon and or Andrew!

005 ☂ Have fun, get to know one another, and most importantly, enjoy Shanndrew

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